Best and most downloaded android app Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service and software application, which provides text and voice communication. Facebook Messenger is a mobile tool that allows users to instantly send chat messages to friends on Facebook. Using this, the users can send chat message to their friends who are all logged onto their Facebook accounts. It is available in Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad devices. It operates on different platform like iOS, Windows and Android.

Facebook Messenger isn’t just for chatting anymore. Since it splits from the social media flagship App a year ago, its added a number of new features and functionalities. So that, it grown to more than 600 million users.

Facebook Messenger has many features like,

Texts – one can send a text and also know when the messages are delivered and seen.

Voice and Video calls – You can make a call across the world free, voice sound are clearer and closer with HD calls. And with video calls, you can have face to face conversation with your friends and relatives wherever they are.

Photos and videos – You can share your photos and videos instantly. Messengers lets you take your snap and moments as they happen. Also you can add drawings on it.

Location – Using this, you can send a map of any location to your friends where you are.

Stickers –  To share your feelings with your friends, its very better with stickers.

Voice Messages – If you don’t have to type something, just say, sing or shout your messages and send to your friends.

Payments – You can send money securely and easily. It’s free to send and receive money right from your conversation. Just add your debit card to get started. But it is available only in the US .

Groups – You can make groups and start group chats with your favorite people. And also you can name your group chat and add a photo so everyone can get back to it easily.

Mute Notification – When the group messages get out of hand, and take a time from the alerts and mute the notification. Still you get the message, whenever you want you can read it but you won’t get the beeping sound when someone messages you.

Disable Notification previews – If you don’t want the content of your messages to appear on your locked screen when a friend messages you, turn that setting off. Go to setting page and then turn off the Notification previews.


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