Facebook Most downloaded, used or popular android app


Facebook is an social networking site, which was developed by Mark Zuckerberg with his Harvard college roommates and fellow students. The site was launched on 4th February 2004.

To use Facebook, first and foremost thing is have to register with the site. After registering, users can create a user profile, add other users as “Friends”, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, share videos and receive notifications when others update their profiles. Also user may join to the common-interest groups, organized by workplace, school or college, or other characteristics.

Nowadays from teenage to oldage people are using Facebook, as everyone having Smartphones they also have Facebook App on it. This App contains many features like

News Feed

News Feed is used to constantly updating list of stories in the middle of your home page. It includes status updates, videos, photos, links, app activity and like from people, pages and groups that you follow on Facebook.The order of stories in your News Feed is influenced by who posted the story, the number of comments and likes it received, and what kind of story it is, whether it is a photo, video or status update etc. This helps you to see the most interesting stories from the friends you interact with the most.


Using this, you can find your friend and send a friend request on Facebook. The two people become friends only, if he/she accept the friend request sent by the sending party. The user has the option of declining the friend request or hiding it using the “Not Now” feature. Deleting the friend request removes the request, but does allow the sender to resend it in the future.


Like Button is used to like the post, status, photos and videos which was posted or tagged by our friends. Nowadays it is very much useful to have a like button in our website to link to our Facebook Page. Because websites with a “Like Button” send IP address information of all visitors to Facebook.

Message and Inbox

In Facebook, it allows the user to send the messages to each other. A Facebook user can send a message to any number of his/her friends at a time. Deleting the messages from one’s inbox doesn’t delete it from the inbox of other users, thus disabling a sender to undo a messages sent by his/her.


Notification tells the user that something has been added to your profile page. For example, a message being shared on the user’s wall or a comment on a picture of the user or on a picture that the user has previously commented on.

Also it contains many application. Photos and videos are most popular one. Nowadays people can take a picture of them and within a second, they upload it on the Facebook. So that, they can be happy by seeing the number of likes and comments which was posted by their friends and relatives. Also getting more likes on Facebook is a trendy. Most of the people in the world is using Facebook everyday.


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