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Google Maps

Google Maps is a mapping mobile application, which was developed by Google for the Android and iOS operating system. It uses Google Maps for its information. Google Maps Android app is first released on 23rd September 2008 and later for iOS on 13th December  2012 as  an alternative to Apple Maps, which was released with iOS.

Google Maps software is looks for the location of the cell site using a database of known wireless networks and sites and provides the information accurately. Also it provides the current location of the user, by triangulating the different signal strengths from different cell transmitters and then using their location property, which was retrieved from the online cell site database. And we can also  find the location using the wireless network method through Wifi hotspot and using their location property called online Wifi database.

The services was available in various platform from 15th December 2008.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PlayStation Vita system software
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian OS
  • BlackBerry OS
  • Palm OS
  • Palm webOS

Nowadays, everyone in the world using Android, the one who is having the Android Mobile they all definitely using the Google Maps for various purpose. It contains many features like

  • Search in plain English
  • Search by voice
  • Traffic view
  • Search along route
  • Satellite view
  • Street View
  • Car dock mode

To use Google Maps in your android phone, just download the app and use it. But the maps and related informations are not available in the installed Google Maps App, you must have the internet connection on it.

Why People using Google Maps ?

Map View

Many people mainly using Google Maps for the several Map views it offers. Also based on their needs, they can change to different Map views. Apart from switching from the satellite imagery to normal imagery, you can easily overlay terrain information on the Map. The street view feature also allows you to get a great wide view of the buildings and areas which surround streets. These images put together by photos, to create a great view that attract many people to using Google Maps.

Get Direction

It allows you to get direction to different places. By entering two or more distinct locations in Google Maps when driving, you will be able to get your direction to your defined location. Activating GPS, Google Map can be able to locate your location and show your direction. Also you can able to find the distance and time taken to reach the particular location. If several routes exist, you will be able to view the different routes and also it shown the best possible route.

Street View

It is an interesting Map view, it is used to discover new places. With this map, you can actually view webcams from all over the world. The images shown are snapshot pictures and video feeds taken a while ago, it could be as recent as 15 minutes. The images are very clear and more like you are actually within that place. Also it could provide you the best route to drive without the traffic.

Customize your App

With this Map, you can create a custom map for any location and add different landmarks according to your wish. After this you can save the map to your Google account. This map is usually loaded at any time. This map is used very much by the travellers, who is visiting the new place as a first time.


This Google Maps application covers the world, viewing various location using this app is quite simple. It is easy for the users to zoom in and out of the location. So many people using this app frequently when they need.

To see friend’s location

If you have the Google Account, if people from your circles have shared their location with you, you will be able to see it on a map from your Android App or iOS device. So that, you can know the location of your friend.

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