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Google+ is a social network, which was owned and operated by Google Inc. Google+ launched in June 2011. It is the  most influential and prevalent search engine on the web.

To use Google+ efficiently, have to understand the terms of Google+. They are

Circles – It refers the way you organize your social contacts, you might have one circle for family, one for friends and one for your personal etc. You can choose how to interact to with these circle, you can upload the content only for some circles and not for all the circles.

Stream –  It is similar to the Facebook News feed, in that it’s meant to be one centralized dashboard for all the contents shared by the people you have made connections with on Google+. Google+ stream provides information in text, images, links, videos and maps.

Hangouts – It is like a live social networking, used to connect with people who are all in online right this minute via instant messaging like group conversation, video chat etc.

Google+ Toolbar – It provide you with a personalized experience across all of their services, Google requires that you sign in with a free Google account. After signed into Google, you will see the Google+ toolbar appearing across the top of any Google service, and you can access any Google service from this toolbar as well, including Google+.

Profiles – It is your public and personal presentation to the world on all Google services, including Google+. It is your wish to provide your personal information publicly on your Google+ profile, by default the full name and gender will be shown to all.

Sparks – It is simply your particular area of interest, it can be chosen and edited by you based on your relevance. Google+ presents a wide variety of sparks you might be interested in, so using that you can add or subtract to these topics as you see fit.You can share your favourite Sparks with people in your Circles.

Google+ is available on some embedded mobile devices. Nowadays people can download the Google+ App on their smartphones and using it. Using Google+, one can make video calls to connect face-to-face, save every photo instantly with Auto Backup, photos and videos from your phone are automatically uploaded to your own private album on Google+, so you never lose a memory.

Google+ hits 300 million active monthly “In stream” users, 540 million across Google.

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