How is Hathway Broadband service, complete review and feedback

Hathway Broadband service

Hathway cable & Datacom Limited initially known as Business India Television (BITV) Cable Networks was acquired by Hathway Investments private limited in the year of 1999. BITV cable network operated large cable network in many cities.

Hathway was first cable operator to launch a digital platform in India in the year of 2006.  Hathway is set to release its DVR service soon, powered by NDS XTV. Hathway Broadband Internet was the first Cable ISP in India. The maximum speed provided is up to 50 Mbit/s as of 2013. It uses Cisco Systems’s Docsis 3 technology in three cities, where the speeds are 50 Mbit/s.

Hathway holds a PAN India ISP license and it is the first cable television service provider to offer Broadband Internet services. It is currently India’s largest cable broadband services provider, with approximately 1.4 million two-way broadband enabled homes. Number of  subscriber base constitutes approximately 52 % of the total cable broadband market in India.

As of June 2012, Hathway selects Broadcom technology to deliver High speed Broadband services to subscribers throughout India.

Hathway is one of the leading cable television services provider in India, as well as one of the leading cable broadband services providers. Hathway offers cable television services across 140 cities and towns and high-speed cable broadband services across 20 cities.

Hathway provides several advantages such as prompt network, instant access, no disconnections, Always-on mode, fixed monthly charges and enhances servers and routers.

Hathway cable modems are structured to take benefits of the high speed bandwidth competences of the cable structure, which allows a connection speed faster than the conventional dial-up.

Hathway Cable Internet Service is dependant on Data Over Cable Services Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) with some set of rules. Hathway, has rolled out their Docsis 3.0 network in India. The Docsis 3.0 provides ultra High-speed Internet connectivity of 50 mbps. The predominant technology that rules the broadband market in countries like USA, Korea and Europe is now in India.

Features of Hathway Broadband Service

  • High-speed surfing – 256 kbps to 512 kbps speed of download, through cables.
  • Always Online – No dialing-up or switching things on, just switch on your computer and you will be connected to the Internet automatically.
  • Phone Free Internet – No need dial up connection, Hathway Broadband Internet brings you high speed broadband many times faster than a dial up connection without engaging your telephone.
  • Secured Browsing – The security levels are higher in Hathway broadband services because of DOCSIS.

Hathway products are Home Broadband and business Broadband. It provides Network coverage for 140 cities, towns and  high-speed cable broadband services across 21 cities. About 430,000 subscribers are using Hathway’s broadband services.


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  1. Hathway – Worst internet connection. I got this connection two months back. Since then ever 8-10 days I find some problem with the connectivity and on ontacting the customer care, I am told that work is in progress and the problem will be solved very soon. But they take 2-3 hrs and sometimes more, even 12-13 hrs, to solve the problem. Today I faced the same problem and on contacting, I was asked to be patient for half an hr. But after waiting for 2 hrs I was told that the problem has been solved and in between I had to contact them 3 to 4 times. However, the problem was solved for a short period of 10 minutes only as the video which was being watched by me suddenly stooped and started to buffer. When contacted, I was asked to do the speed test of my internet on polls app. On doing so, I found the max. speed to be only 8 mbps completely in contrast to their promise of 50mbps. So, I am fed with Hathaway internet and I have made up my mind to shift to some other broadband company.

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