How is Sify Broadband service, complete review and feedback

Sify Broadband

Sify formely Satyam Infoway Ltd is an india telecommunication company, with a subscriber base of about 54,000 customers. Sify is among the largest Internet, network and e-Commerce services companies in India, offering end-to-end solutions with a comprehensive range of products delivered over a common Internet backbone infrastructure.

This Internet backbone reaches 99 cities and towns in India. A significant part of the company’s revenue is derived from Corporate Services, which include corporate connectivity, network and communications solutions, security, network management services and hosting.

Sify broadband has been booming in providing services that are designed to match the mixed and mixed needs of the customer. Consumer services include broadband home access, dial up connectivity and the iWay cyber café chain across 90 cities. The company’s network services, data center operations and customer relationship management are accredited ISO 9001:2000.

Sify provides you additional services are Free Antivirus, Educational packages, Travel ticket booking, Utility Bill Payment, Mobile recharge etc. Also it offers limitless downloads at night at a minimal cost along with night browsing. With a speed of 256 Kbps. Sify Broadband offers uninterrupted virtual presence.

Sify provides unlimited plan-1 for Mumbai customers with the validity of 30 days. The download speed for the specific pack is 192 Kbps. The cost of the Pack is Rs. 452. Also it provides broadband tariff plans for prepaid customers.

Sify provides you triple play service such as Data, Voice and Video. Recently, Sify announced the latest plans for broadband customers like Sify Broadband Aspire Unlimited Plan, Aspire day and night, Aspire More for less, and Wireless plans.

Sify Broadband services provide Internet connections in two different source plans, they are named as Broadband plans and Hi-Speed plans. Each of which are again divided into three different packages, namely Data Transfer range, Family range, and Unlimited plans.

The Data transfer for 1 GB Plan upto to 256 Kbps speed per month at Rs. 505 . The Data transfer for 400 MB day + Night Unlimited upto to 256 Kbps speed per month at Rs. 400.

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