How is Tata Telecommunication broadband services, complete review and feedback

Tata Telecommunication Broadband

Tata Telecommunication is an indian broadband and telecommunication service provider based on Mumbai, Maharashtra and India. It operates under the name called Tata Docomo in various telecom circles of India.

Tata Telecommunication also introduce Tata Photon+, it is a new mobile broadband service, technology for High Speed mobile internet connectivity solution for broadband access. It has some features like speed upto 3.1 mbps (maximum), Non Removable User Identification Module (RUMI) based programmed device. It offers connectivity around 23 states. The cost of Tata Photon+ is Rs. 1299. It provides more tariff plans, but it differs from place to place. The Advantage of this device is it provides better upload and download speed and it works easily with Linux platform.

In the year of 2011, Tata Photon+ has been awarded as the coveted ‘Product of the Year 2011’ award for the best innovation under Wireless Mobile Broadband Category.

Tata Photon also offers more devices for their customers like Photon Max Wi-Fi Duo, Photon Max 3G Wi-Fi,  Photon Max Wi-Fi Hub, Photon Max Wi-Fi, Photon Wi-Fi Hub, Photon Max, Photon Plus, Photon 3G+, Photon 3G, Photon Whiz. It also provides services like My Entertainment, My Music, My TV and My Lifetime Music.

Tata Docomo provides Internet facility like Mobile Internet, Broadband and Wired Internet, and Wi-Fi. In Broadband & wired internet, it provides more broadband plans such as Power plans, Lightning plans, Limitless plans, Booster plans, Multiplier Plans and Unlimited Combo plans.

Multiplier Plans provides you some key features like, 2x and 4x Multiplier, available for 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps speed, it provides immediate speed enhancement.

The features of broadband and wired internet are,

  •  It provides Unlimited Internet access for fixed amount
  • 100 Mbps speeds of Internet access
  • Using Internet access, you can run anything from Mail servers to FTP sites.
  • You can temporarily upgrade your bandwidth to a higher speed using High speed Internet device BoD ( Bandwidth-on-Demand). You can scale up the speed of internet connectivity.
  • With FTTH (Fiber to the Home), the Next Generation Network technology where a single fiber can give you Voice, Video Data, Cable TV, CCTV, DTH, Intercom etc carried across to you over optical fibers instead of copper cables.

The tariff plans for broadband and wired internet may differ for place to place. Using this wired High Speed Internet with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. You can now stream videos online, download movies, share photos, play games, and do lots more with Tata Docomo Wired High Speed Internet service.

The current download speed index is 18.5 Mbps and current upload speed is 1.3 Mbps.  Tata Docomo had 1.5 million 3G subscribers as of May 2011. On 2015 spectrum auction, Tata docomo won 10 mhz frequency bandwidth in TamilNadu circle. There are 3000 company’s business retail outlets are available across all the circle.

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  1. TRI has directed that internet service is up to 50 GB bandwidth is viable through DTH. Whether Tata telecom has any plan to
    provide bb internet service through TATA Sky.

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