Instagram the most downloaded used android app in the world


Instagram is an online mobile photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service. It enables its users to take photos, videos and share them on a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Tumblr.  It was created by kevin systrom and Mike krieger and launched in October 2010 as free Mobile App.

Instagram is distributed through Apple App store, Google Play store and Windows Phone store. The App is available for Android, ipad, ipod Touch, iPhone while thrid-party instagram apps are available for Blackberry 10 and Nokia Symbian device.

Instagram is used to upload photographs and short videos, and follow other user feeds. Every year, Instagram released top 10 Instagram geotagged locations in the world, in pictures.

Instagram also contain some of the new features like,

Explore Tab – The Explore tab contains 21 photo featured, when a user clicks the tab second from the left on the bottom bar of the Instagram App. The photos must be of a public user who may not be set to private in their profiles. It is to find new and interesting people to follow, search for other Instagrammers and explore hashtags.

Manage your Filters – You can personalize your filters by adding, hiding and rearranging the filters you see when posting a photo or video.

Lux –  Instagram has added a new feature when editing photographs. The button with a picture of a sun is known as the Lux effect. It allows you to explore and contrast the picture quickly and also you can control the brightness of saturation levels of each photograph.

Video – Like sharing our photographs,it also allow users to record and share videos lasting for up to 15 seconds.

Instagram direct – If you have got a photo you would  like to share with a select few, activate Instagram Direct instead of sharing it with all your followers. When Instagram-ing, do the usual (select photo, edit, and share). Instead of sharing to Followers, tap Direct instead and select the lucky recipients.

Playing with perspective – It is used to play around with photos using different aspects like Contrast, Vignette, and Shadows, just to state a few. But the most underrated has to be Adjust. Tapping will automatically straightens the photo and to make a photo in different angle, play with both horizontal and vertical perspective.

Photo Mapping – Geotagging your snaps lets you keep track where you have taken them and also offers a nice way to look back over your travels. Also you can find out whether the same snap was taken by some other followers and you can recreate an  instagram moment.


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