Is it mandatory to link mobile phone number with Aadhaar

Is it compulsory to link Mobile / Cell phone number with Aadhaar card ? Is it really required to update Aadhaar number for all existing mobile phone numbers, Did supreme court gave exemption ? What happens if Aadhaar is not updated ? Do i need to give my finger print while updation ?

We have many questions about the mobile number linkage with Aadhaar card, even supreme court has not given any clear mandate about the whole exercise. Before going to this topic, we’ve received so many questions from the users about linking Aadhaar card with mobile numbers, here we list down the questions and try to answer them

Why should i link mobile number with aadhaar number / card ?

All Telecom operators and TRAI is very keen on linking the mobile phone numbers with the Aadhaar number for better security and authenticity of the ownership. Even though, its not legally compulsory / mandatory as of today, most of the users are started to link their phone numbers with AAdhaar.

Did Supreme court endorse the process of mobile / cell phone number getting linked with the Aadhaar card ?

No. Supreme court has not passed any such directive ! Supreme court has respected the privacy of individual in the last verdict, but nothing exactly related to the process of linking Aadhaar with mobile number.

Is it mandatory to link mobile number with the Aadhaar card  ?

As of now, Legally its not mandatory ! But telecom operators forcing all the customers to update the Aadhaar number against each mobile / cell phone numbers before 31st of December.

Do i need to give my finger Print while updating Aadhaar ?

Yes. If you decided to update / link your mobile number with your Aadhaar number, You need to provide your finger print at the retail shop as mentioned by your telecom operator. Telecom operator will cross verify your finger print with the database ( happens automatically ) and authenticate.

What happens if mobile number is not updated with Aadhaar card ?

Nothing happens as of now, but beyond the deadline we have to watch the government & supreme court move on this issue. If Supreme court cancels the TRAI order, all mobile phone users continue to enjoy the services without updating mobile number Aadhaar.

Whats the process / methods of linking Aadhaar with mobile phone number ?

Please check our separate blog about the process of linking mobile number with Aadhaar card. We have provided the various methods and process of updating Aadhar against your mobile number.

I am an existing customer, Do i need to link my mobile number with aadhaar ?

Yes! TRAI and telecom operators are communicating the existing customers through text message and voice calls to update their mobile phone number with the Aadhaar Card. Whereas all new customers are forced to validate the Aadhaar authenticity to get the new SIM card.

Do i need to provide Aadhaar identity for new SIM / mobile number connection ?

Yes ! All telecom operators are collecting Aadhaar identity and finger print access for the new mobile phone connection for past few months, With out aadhaar identity new SIM cards are not getting issued. Also if you are trying to port your number ( MNP – Mobile number portability ) to other operator, they are forcing you to provide the Aadhaar identity.

So , What should i do ? Can i update Aadhaar or not ?

Many of the knowledgeable people are keeping quite on this issue. As usual most of them ready to knock the supreme court door at the last minute, We may have the answer at the last moment or it may get extended for few more months. Lets see, how it goes !

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