Review HFCL Infotel Broadband Service in India

 HFCL Infotel Broadband Service

HFCL Infotel’s Connect offers the best  Internet services in Indian market and has 20,000 subscriber base to its credit. Connect has been a market leader in the broadband market domain in the state of Punjab. It has one of the high-speed internet connectivity triggered by DSL (Digital Subscribers Line) which is a contemporary, protected and dependable technology.

DSL technology makes the broadband extremely prompt and expedient that is upto 55 times high speed than the normal dial-ups connectivity. Also it offers unlimited downloads and is compatible with gaming, chatting, live streaming and movies downloads.

The Internet service provider has started gaining popularity in recent times. The service of the ISP is however limited to New Delhi as of now. The ISP provides Optical Fiber Connection, Wireless Connection, FTTH and others.

Connect DSL Broadband is powered by DSL, the most reliable, secure and fast broadband connection. It provides high speed internet services which redefines your internet experience.

HFCL Infotel Connect has smart features as follows:


  • Surf and Talk – Your telephone line is free to talk while you surf in the Internet.
  • Speed – You can access the internet with high speed upto 2 Mbps
  • Click and Connect – Always-on, Switch on the PC, click on the browser and you are connected.  No more modem connections are needed.
  • Secure – It provides you stable and secure network with reliable connection.

The tariff plans starts at low price of Rs. 249 per month, which includes free telephone calls. Also Connect Broadband offers you a wide range of tariff plans with flexibility to upgrade your connection as your needs.  The ease of up-gradation and the price performance value in each package makes a Connect Broadband connection a very sensible decision.

Based on the Primary requirements, Approximate monthly data consumption and Speed requirements needed by the customers, it provides you FTTP packages, safe faster plan and safe plan. Available primary requirements are web surfing, Youtube, Movie downloads, and Other downloads.   Approximate monthly data consumption is available from 10 to 100 GB. Speed requirement upto 100 Mbps.

It also provides some Value added services such as Connect Safe, Connect Live TV, and Entertainment on demand. The users can enjoy high speed broadband even in those areas where Connect wire-line network is not present.

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